Before Intravenous Anesthesia Sedation

Instructions for Patients Receiving IV Sedation/General Anesthesia

Please follow these instructions to prepare for oral surgery with IV Sedation.

Sedation and anesthesia are designed to enable you to undergo surgery in a more comfortable and relaxed way. In order for us to treat you safely you must follow some very important guidelines:

DO NOT plan any social events, work, or any important matters following the surgery.  Simple daily tasks may require a minimal recovery time of 48 hours or longer. 

No driving for 24 hours. You will not be legally permitted to drive for 24 hours following surgery, so arrangements should be made for you and your family’s transportation during this time.

DO NOT plan vacations or business trips immediately following your surgery.  Unfortunately complications cannot be treated by the doctor or staff if you are out-of-town.

Take morning medication with a small sip of water. You may take your daily medicines as directed by the doctors as scheduled with a small sip of water.

If you were given a pre-sedative prescription at your consultation appointment, please take it

One hour before your surgery time with a SMALL SIP OF WATER.

NO food or liquid (including water) can be consumed within 6 hours prior to your surgical appointment time. Mints and chewing gum are also not allowed.

You should brush your teeth prior to surgery.  A responsible adult over 18 who can drive the patient home after surgery must accompany the patient.  This person MUST stay in the office during the surgery.  You should have someone stay with you for the immediate post-surgical sedation for at least 12 hours.

Please wear shoes that are clean, comfortable, and appropriate.  DO NOT wear flip flops, sandals, slippers, or platform style shoes.  Wear a short sleeve shirt for IV and anesthesia monitoring access. Take a shower prior to surgery as you will not be able to immediately afterwards.

If you are pregnant or think you may have become pregnant since your consultation appointment, please alert the nurse.

Consider leaving children at home the day of your procedure. Your escort is here to attend to your needs and may be distracted by caring for children as well.

You will be given a prescription(s) post-operatively.  This can be filled on your way home by your escort.

Please call the office where you are scheduled for clarification of any aspect of your surgery.

You can download and print these instructions by clicking the link below:

Pre-Operative Instructions